Hysterectomy FAQ - Can scar tissue form many years after a complete hysterectomy?

by Bernice Ferretti
(Philadelphia, PA, United States)

Hysterectomy FAQ

Hysterectomy FAQ


Can scar tissue form many years after a complete hysterectomy?

Can it grow into a mass?

Could it become cancerous?

Can it be removed if it's pressing up against other organs?

Thank you.


Dear Ms Ferretti,

Scar tissue can occur when any type of surgey is performed. This is part of the healing process.

In some cases this tissue can become very thick due to many factors including (but limited to), infection, cutting through old scar tissue, less than satisfactory hemostatis and/or a person's potensity to thick scar tissue formation.

Scar tissue looks like thin pieces of thread but when there is an abundance of them it can appear to be a mass. However, it is not and does not change into cancer.

Scar tissue can be removed but usally even with the very best surgical techniques, it can reform and in some case come back thicker than before.

I recommend that you avoid this type of surgery
unless it's causing severe bowel obstruction which is not relieved with conservative measures eg. NG tube,or NPO for several days.

Dr. DeSandies

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